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A Belated Mentioning

I am startled (startled, I say!) to report that the new ish of Abyss & Apex is up, and in it lurks my flash piece "Goddess". I really am surprised; wasn't expecting this out until Septembrish, but no. Furthermore, it seems it's been up long enough for Tangent Online to read and review it already. Oh.

So, er, enjoy!

Reading: Viator, by Lucius Shepard.


Very nice!

Oh, man, I just love that story. The last line is a killer. Way to go, Jon--it's really beautiful.

A beautiful and unexpected ending. Thanks!


Really lovely work, dude.

Beautiful. Loved it.

Oh, I liked this story very much. I'm glad it got a good review.

I also enjoyed the little throwaway lines of humor in it.

I liked the story! Yay for you - that was a good review, too!!!

Aw, thanks everybody.

And, I just sent in a Nebula rec for it, Jon -- the story is amazing! :-)

As always, you rock. Loved it!

true to your values, as always. great story!!!!