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Thank You, Engine Gnomes

65 day rejection from Talebones. Only my second response this month. Where are you, editors?

* * *

Had lunch outside today with Lisa with Ian in tow. Our first outing as a family unit. We noticed that babies get looked at wherever you go. People's expressions fall into one of two categories:

a) Aw, how cute.
b) Dear God, don't let that thing start screaming.
And who can blame them, say I? But he slept through all of lunch, so we didn't need to flip a coin to decide who was going to satisfy his primal needs. Lunch out. What a concept. But wait, there's more!

We then went to Barnes & Noble (bought Mr. Duncan's book Vellum), and then Eckerd's, and then wound our way home. He stayed asleep the whole time, lulled by the rhythmic labors of the tiny little gnomes what nest in the engine block. What a good baby.


Good baby!

jon, sounds just you when you were a wee little lad. but then, neither you nor ian were ever wee little lads.