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Well, another day, another doctor's appointment. I'm very pleased to say Lisa has progressed nicely. While he had no way of guaranteeing it, it was the doctor's opinion that it'll happen before the end of the week. Frankly, Lisa would be pleased if it happened tomorrow, because it would freak out certain elements of the population. Which almost certain means it won't happen any time soon, because, let's face it, the universe is perverse that way. But we've got to be prepared, because if you aren't, then it would happen in the next twenty minutes. So, we're all ready:

Nursery prepared? Check.
Baby clothes washed? Check.
Phone numbers of every single human being we know copied down just in case our cell phones burst into flames? Check.
Car seat installed? Check.
Music for labor selected & copied onto iPod? Check.
Hospital bag packed, including camera, extra batteries, iPod, speaker setup, snacks for me and sour apple jolly ranchers for Lisa? Check.
Parental units on standby? Check.
Cats still blissfully unaware? Check.
Adrenal glands cycling on and off? Check.

Ready as we'll ever be, I guess. Which means it's not going to happen until next Tuesday, or later.

* * *

A little writing news, which I'll mention in passing: yesterday brought an 81 day rejection from Flytrap and the recognition that subs to two other markets, On Spec and Vestal Review, either didn't make it or were rejected. So I've split the difference and only counted one of those as a rejection. Furthermore, these sentiments never once crossed my mind, although I did laugh hard enough to injure myself. Thanks, Sheila.

Oh, yes: an illustration of why writing advice shorthand needs to be explained.


Fingers crossed for a 6/6/06 baby!!!

And you might want to pack a book or magazine to read--though I can't imagine you going anywhere without one. :)

I'm just crossing my fingers that the baby isn't born on the 11th - Lisa and the baby need separate birthdays! But before the 11th is good - that way Lisa will have the best. birthday. ever.

This is so exciting! Good luck!

Just watched the video. Good stuff! I may need to watch it again soon for consolation.

don't forget the big blue bow for the mail box.

I need to get the bow for the mailbox? I thought the stork handled that. Lazy avian.

Thank you one and all. Sarah, cleaned up your redundancy, which I'm assuming you won't mind.

Hey, Lizzie and Drew share a birthday, and they're quite happy with it!

Best of luck to all of ya!