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One Thing, Meet Another [Updated]

I wasn't sure if I was going to mention it, but I decided I might as well: Lisa was admitted to the hospital yesterday, due to some general weakness and shortness of breath. Preliminary results indicated she's anemic, so they've been giving her some extra blood. Mmm, blood. They've also been running other various tests to rule out other potential difficulties. My folks are coming over to keep an eye on Ian, and if all goes well Lisa should be coming home this afternoon.

In other news, I've discovered that I can function quite well on five hours of sleep, if properly reinforced by a cup of tea. Or two. Mmm, tea.

Update: Lisa's home. Yay! The mother and child reunion is currently underway.


Hope the new momma is feeling well soon.

Yes, I hope your family is happy and healthy and reunited very soon.

And if you start to run out of tea, let me know!

Sleep is overrated, I've discovered. Best wishes to your whole family.

Sending healing thoughts to your family, especially the new momma!

Oh, poor Lisa! Squinching my face and beaming healing rays to Georgia.

Oh no! I was hoping she was feeling better. I know she has to be very unhappy about being away from Ian right now. Convey my wishes for a speedy recovery.

May she be home soon. Take care.

Take care, y'all!

Good vibes going out to you and Lisa.

Yay, tea! We've been on a tea routine around here lately too.

Best of luck and healing thoughts to Lisa!

Carrot juice does wonders for blood, btw.

Hurray for the family reunion!

Thanks everyone. Jon had baby duty all by himself last night so he's the real hero in all this. What a great daddy he's become!

Glad to hear Lisa's home! Yay!! (are you feeling better?)

I'm glad everything is well and Lisa is back! Yaaays!

I'm glad Lisa is better!

I know they always load anemics up with iron supplements, but if it upsets her stomach or causes constipation she might want to try taking some Vitamin C when she eats iron rich food. Vitamin C helps her body absorb iron better naturally.

Other supplements that help fight anemia include folic acid and B-12.

Oh, I just love to give out unsolicited advice.

I am glad that Lisa is home. Please send her my regards. I didn't want to call and bother you guys. You are in my thoughts. The sleep deprivation thing gets a little bit better as time goes by...and you are right about the time warping--it sure does. I am going to take a nap while Emily is sleeping--yay--only I am sure that she will wake up as soon as I close my eyes.

All advice is welcome, as it's always nice to have other perspectives. Also, it's not like you'll be coming by our house to see if we've taken it. Unless you're my parents, and they always call ahead.