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Hold On To Your Hats

Well, went to the doctor's today and it's been decided. Going to induce. Tomorrow.

We call tomorrow morning and see when they want us to come in. Could be right away, could be a bit of a wait, could be a really long wait. But it'll probably happen tomorrow.




Oh, and GOOD LUCK! I'll be sending all my chi to you, Lisa, and the little one.

Eep and yay! Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

Oh, wow! Sending good thoughts your way!

don't forget to change the number of family members on the heading of your people information.

at long last!

Hoo boy. Good luck. I hope the induction goes quickly. (Amy's didn't, but Amy tends to be difficult about this stuff.)

May everything go smoothly, may the bean be healthy, and may you come back and post pictures quickly ;-)

Wow!!!!! Well, I know what I'll be thinking about tomorrow!

Good luck to both of you!

Good luck and white thoughts and powerful vibes!!! :-)

Woo hoo!!!!! I bet neither of you will sleep tonight. I will be waiting for pictures --

tick tick tick tick....


Oh me gods! Is tomorrow today? Good luck you two, soon to be three!!!!

Best of luck!! We'll be sending happy baby thoughts your way!

Good luck and good health to everyone!