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I thank you, Lisa thanks you, and Ian would thank you if he knew what the words "thank" and "you" meant. I'm sure he will someday, but remember, he was born yesterday.

I am disappointed to report that the young prince won't be coming home today, as he has a borderline case of jaundice. Despite the attractiveness of his golden skin tones, it's relaxing under special UV lamps for him, hopefully just until tomorrow. Lisa and I are extremely disappointed we can't bring him home and intro him to the cats, but we understand (in theory). Among other things, jaundice causes brain damage. True, brain damage would make him less vulnerable to zombie attack, but how often do those come up?

Also, no new pictures to upload as yet. Many have been taken; however, I left the camera at the hospital when I came home to feed the cats, get supplies for us, and so forth. Clearly I have a little brain damage of my own.

God, we're tired. But happy.


your mom reminds you that your birth weight was 2 oz more than ian's!!

all of us, including the cats are disappointed that ian couldn't come home. we had them primed for his arrival today. oh well.

we are proud for all of you.

Bummer that you can't come home today. It'll be that much more exciting tomorrow!

You can get those portable UV wraparound lights that Ian could wear at home! It's all the rage.

Yay Ian! Yay Lisa and Jon!

Just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy father's day :-)

Happy Daddy's Day, Jon! Hope your little guy comes home soon. :)

Happy Father's Day, dude!

(Did Ian get you a card?)

Happy Father's Day!

He did not! But I'll let it slide this year.