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Godless Academics

Bit of library trivia for you. The Library of Congress Classification System, as you may know, uses letters in its cataloging scheme to better help with organization. The letter 'B' is assigned to philosophy, psychology, and religion, probably because they're all systems of thought. A second letter is added to subdivide it further. For example, BL is used for Hinduism, BM for Judaism, BP for Islam, and BQ for Buddhism. And Christianity? It gets a full range of letters, BR through BX. The Bible itself, specifically, is classified under BS. Since the system was developed in 1897, I find myself wondering if that shorthand term was in use back then, or if this is just an amusing and possibly insulting coincidence.

* * *

Still no offspring as yet. To quote Lisa: "Grrrr." But tomorrow's the big due date, so I'm sure things will spring into action then. Right?


Fingers crossed and re-crossed. Have you tried all the silly things that are supposed to induce labor?

"Grrrr," indeed.

My medical advice begins and ends with hiccup cures, but some of those might be effective, who knows.

Jenn is talking about sex. Y'all should go have some sex. :-)

(Fingers crossed that the wee one will appear soon!)

Hey, June 13th is a fine day to have a birthday.

No BSing. :)

Well, at the last doctor's appointment, the ever amusing Dr. Tag told Lisa, "Plenty of walks, plenty of orgasms."

Of course, the challenge, as Lisa put it, are the logistics: take a medicine ball and duct-tape it to your stomach. Now, have sex.

Another thing that makes the news here is a local Italian place whose eggplant parmesan supposedly causes pregnant ladies to go into labor. This will never be tried. The eggplant is a foul abomination. Eggs, we like. Plants, we like. But the two together? Never! It's as bad as a catfish or an owlbear or a bunnygorilla.

I dunno, I've had pretty good owlbear at Roscoe's Owlbear & Waffles.