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Bears Mentioning

Our friend Abbie sent Ian a birthday gift a few days ago: a Steiff Bear. It's a traditional gift in his family for a newborn. I gotta say, it's a pretty big bear.

Still, I do think Ian likes it. True, it's kind of hard to tell with a newborn, but he seemed pleased. What do you think?


YAY!!! Your Ian pictures are as wonderful as your cat pictures—maybe even a little more so. :)

I'm sorry. In one picture, you've exceeded your cuteness allotment for the month. Please contact your local Dept. of Cuteness if you wish to file for an exception.

Um, Jim? Hello? Hope you've filed for a bunch of those exceptions yourself. Between the two of you and your wee ones, it's not safe for me to read journals anymore. :)

Dude! That's a big damn bear!

That is a really big bear! Great pictures. :-)


Wow. Uber-snuggliness incarnate. ;-)

Now one with Ian on top of the cat!

So where's Ian in that second picture?

It is a big bear, which is why you might not have noticed Ian, Mike. He's actually behind the camera, lining up the shot.

Greg, the cats are a bit harder to work with than the bear. For one thing, they have better agents.

Man, nobody ever got me a bear like that. He’s gonna be so attached to that bear.

(Belated congrats, by the way!)