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I am proud to announce the arrival of Ian Michael Hansen (click on the pic for a closer view). Born at 2:09AM on June 15th, he weighed 10 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 20 and a half inches. I apologize for the delay and any resulting nervousness, but it's been a very surreal couple of days. Lisa and Ian are both doing just fine. He is, as everyone has observed, one extremely stubborn little lad. I am so friggin' proud I could explode.

He'll be coming home from the hospital tomorrow. More later.


Oh, YAY!!!! Congratulations to all three of you! HOORAY!!! :-D

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D!!!!!

The biggest, warmest, happiest congratulations to all three of you.

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D!!!!!!!

So happy everyone's doing fine, and, dude, that's a really cute baby you're holding there.

Love and high-fives.

10+ pounds? Whoa. You best be extra-nice to your wife for a good long time, buddy :-)

Huge contratulations and happy dancing and champagne and good thoughts and all the rest!!!

YAY!!! I'm so excited! I can't stop posting! YAY!!!! It's a wonderful picture! YAY!!!

YAY YAY YAY! Congratulations!

Mazel tov! What a cutie!


Best thing that will ever happen to you, bar none! Bet you didn't expect the rush of love the first time you saw him, eh?

Glad to hear everyone is good!


BABY! He's so sweet! This is so exciting! I'm so happy for the three of you!

Woo hoo! A thousand congratulations!


Awesome! He's a handsome fella, and you both are gonna love being parents. Now get some sleep (and get that kid a bigger cap!).

YAY for IAN!!!!!

Aww, how adorable! Congrats, Jon and Lisa! And welcome, Ian! Yay!!!!

So glad Ian's here and Lisa and he are okay! I can't wait to come meet him. And, of course he's stubborn! Yo wouldn't have it any other way, would you??? Congrats to all of you!!!

woo hoo!

Hey you guys - congratulations. I am sooooooo happy for you! :)

Oh, yeah: I LOVE the name Ian!!! YAY!!!


Absolutely darling. Welcome to the amazing, stunning, beautiful, terrifying, blissful world of parenthood. I wish the best for all of you.

Congratulations! And the Medal of Maternal Fortitude for Lisa. No. Ten medals!

Belated congratulations to all concerned!


Wonderful! Congratulations and hugs!

Congrats Jon and Lisa! :-)

WOW, beautiful, cute and wonderful little Ian, welcome to the world! Ans I also have a particular fondness for the name Ian!

CONGRATULATIONS to all!!!!!! :-)

Many, many congratulations to the three of you!

Always remember this joy!


Brave new baby... so sweet and tiny, despite his ten pounds. Welcome to the world, little guy.


He's beautiful. Congratulations to you and Lisa.

Grats! Get as much rest as you can!!!

Late to the party here, but massive congratulations! That's great news.

You're a dad!

Woohooo!!! Beautiful Michael. Hugs you all.


Congratulations!!!! Ian is so cute.

Hi Lisa,

Ian is very sweet. Congratulations!!!

Thank you for sharing your good news with all of us out here. Congratulations to all of you.