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Well, things still appear to be going along quite smoothly. All vitals in the green, and target due date still looks really accurate. Also, the doctor shared this: barring some sort of complications, they're unlikely to intervene until we hit 41 weeks.

41 weeks. A week late. I was a late baby. A week late, actually. I don't know if that's something that can passed down genetically to the child, but if it is: sweetie, I'm really really really sorry.



If I have to wait til June 20 to have this child ...

... well, I'll be very, very unhappy.


Um. I love you, honey.

Dude! Shoot for 42!

Man, it's a good thing you live out of state, especially if you make remarks like that and want to keep living. It's not safe.

But it makes for such a good Douglas Adams reference!
Joy can relate though. That is why she had number two extracted.

My favorite part of that process is when they pulled Andrew out, he immediately took a wiz on the backup OB. Joy's OB starts laughing and yelling "Look! He is peeing on Dr. Hussein!"