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This Is Supposed To Be A Happy Occasion

It is, really. While I was rendered incommunicato by all this upgrading, some stuff happened.

First, late Friday afternoon I got an email informing me that my flash piece "Start Spreading the News" had been accepted for publication by the Michigan Avenue Review, Mary Anne's literary project. This story I sold so very, very long ago to a project that never made it off the ground. But now it had found a home, which was lovely.

But wait!

Then, an hour later I got an email telling me that my novelette "Along the Bridge of Night" had been accepted for publication by the illustrious Realms of Fantasy, a market whose gates I've been battering with no success for quite a while. This story I'd originally written for David & Jay's zeppelin tales antho, but with no luck. David didn't think it quite came together. I took it to Toby's writing jam back in 2004, got some good suggestions for revisions, and started sending it back out. In February I got an email from the slushmaster saying it'd been sent up the line. That made waiting even more suspenseful.

But wait!

Yesterday morning, while I wrestled with the Internet, I got a third email, this one from webzine Aberrant Dreams, telling me they'd accepted my story grenade "Mandatory" for publication.

But wait!

All that's just the writing news. More later, as I must needs do something about my dinner.


Jon in Realms of Fantasy! Hurray! Congratulations on all the other sales, too, of course, but with Realms you get an illustration! I'm so happy for you.

Holy shit, Jon! That's fantastic news. Good things come in threes. You struck a friggin gold vein. Keep mining!

Kick Effin' A times three, man! Big congrats to you!

Jon! Omg! This is awesome!! Hooray! You da man!

Congratulations, Jon! Congratulations 3 times!

Spring rain, I'm thinking.

And I'm awaiting the other news as well.

Damn, Jon! Go you!!!


That's great news! Congrats times three.

Congratulations! You aren't working without applause today!

Dude! Dude! Dude! That's all I can think to say! Dude!

Hooray! Congratulations!

Damn, Jon -- you ought to shut down the site for a few days next week and see if you get the same results.

And if you do, start doing it on a monthly basis!

Thanks, guys. And Steve, that thought had actually crossed my mind.

Congrats! Great sale, Jon! Or make that SALES!

That Realms sale is especially cool. Can't wait to read it.

Thanks, Rob!

Wow! Great sale, Jon! Yay! I'm so happy for you!

Thanks, Heather!

Yay! I really liked that story.

Thanks, Simon!