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The Lazarus Blog

Yes, as you can see, I've finally managed to put my journal* back up. Back from the dead and ready to party!

You may be wondering what took me so long. Or maybe you aren't. But I'm going to tell you anyway. It turned out that our new webhost GoDaddy, while a cheaper, more reliable & less flakey webhost, does have a problem with running Movable Type. There's some argument as to whose fault that is, MT's or GoDaddy's. At any rate, it took me a few days to find out how to get it working.

The other thing you may notice is how different it currently looks, and that my old entries aren't there anymore. Well, I can tell you whose fault that is: mine. I've got the stylesheets and the layout for the page, but the old entries might be a problem. I backed them all up, but didn't grab the MySQL database that was keeping them all straight. Yes, I'm quite the genius.

I'm going to try importing them in, but there's a possibility the system may not go for it. We'll see. I'm putting them all back in there, come what may. Been posting on this thing for eight years and I'm not letting it get amnesia now. The one thing I am worried about is that I'll lose all the comments you all have made over the years. This will make me very sad.

More later.

* - I don't really like the word "blog". But it's the accepted term and it makes for a catchier title, so what can you do?


Welcome back, Jon! I hope you can find a way to rescue your old posts -- I know I'd be devastated if I lost the last 8 years of entries.

Oh, and I like "journal" better than "blog" too. :)