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Situation Normal

I feel a stronger compulsion to post everyday now, in order to assure folks that the lad hasn't appeared yet. Unfortunately, there's not much else to say. But I'll see what I can do.

Lisa's still working, but this week she's finally started on halftime. Commute's easier, she's still got some energy when she comes home, and so forth.

Tomorrow summer classes start. As a perk of the impending babydom, I was told that I'm not being scheduled for any instruction sessions at all!

Here, something from the heart of the intarweb: a series of sketches done by someone on LSD.


I applaud your compulsion to post every day. Although I want no little ones of my own right now, I am ridiculously excited about you having one.

Make sure the digital camera has fresh batteries and is ready to go -- I will not last long without pictures when the happy day finally arrives. :)

Well, you could always move closer. Then you could babysit! They say Atlanta is the LA of the Southeast, only we've exchanged humidity for the beach, and instead of Hollywood we've got...um.