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Meme World

Picked up from Doug.

If you comment on this entry, I'll give you a letter so you can come up with 10 words starting with that letter, plus explanations of what each word means to you.

X-mas. A nice easy abbreviation of Christmas that a select group of people object to, on the grounds that it "takes the Christ out of Christmas." Seeing as this shorthand has been used for roughly a thousand years because the X is a Greek shorthand for Christ, these same people also probably think that the Bible was handed down by God in King James's English and that Jesus was a white dude. I am so very tired of these people.

X-men. Ah, the must-read comic of my youth. I always thought Kitty Pride was adorable, and I'm annoyed to see that she's still not gotten more than cameos in the movie versions. Maybe it'll improve in the third, but I doubt it.

Xander. I've always liked this shortening for the name "Alexander," after being introduced to it by Buffy. It's not unlike "Topher" for "Christopher", only it doesn't sound freakish.

Xena. I never watched that show, or Hercules, or Robin Hood, or Tarzan, or a lot of those other genre syndicated shows that sort of popped up in the late 90s, thanks to the wonders of reasonable & inexpensive computer effects. Heck, the only thing I think I've seen Lucy Lawless in is her guest shot on The Simpsons. Oh, wait, IMDB tells me she also had a guest spot on The X-Files.

Xenophobe. There's a store in town run by one of these. Styles itself as a civil war re-enactment & "herb" shop. The propietor's vehicle has a number of bumper stickers on it that look like something produced by the Aryan Nation. On the other hand, no one will mess with this guy as he always wears two colt 45s on his hips, like an Western movie gunslinger. Not concealed, so it's legal. Lisa and I were eating at one of the local diners when he walked in with them. He needs spurs on his boots to get the "ting, ting, ting" sound.

Xerox. They used to provide printing services at the library until last year, when the university decided not to renew their contract. They seemed so surprised, even though their services weren't so hot. The people were fine, but they wouldn't upgrade the equipment because it would cut into the profit margin. Gee, no wonder they got dumped. My story "Matilda," about a malfunctioning printer in love, was inspired by one of their machines.

Xodar. A character from Edgar Rice Burroughs's John Carter of Mars series. Fierce black warrior, first battles then befriends the Warlord and ends up becoming the ruler of his people. Xodar appeared in the second book, "The Gods of Mars," which also introduced Barsoom's religion, such as it is. I was very surprised to learn years later, in an article written by Fritz Leiber, that Burroughs had lifted most of it from theosophy, a California cult founded by Madame Blavatsky in the late 19th century.

Xorn. The only beastie in the original AD&D Monster Manual that started with 'X'. It stood out for me because I thought it looked ridiculous. Other people agreed, I think. I played a lot of D&D in my teens, lot of modules, Dungeon adventures, etc. and I never once saw it used. It's survived through the 3.5 revision, although it no longer appears to be vulnerable to the cunning use of Phase Door.

XP. The latest operating system to roll out of Redmon, at least until Vista shows up. I actually like it well enough; seems easier to manage. Problem is, the university upgraded all the computers to XP last year...except the public ones in the library, which are the ones I deal with. Said they were "special" and we had to get them configured the way we wanted them. With luck, we'll be rolling out our XP image over the May break. As for myself, I'm still using Mac OS X on my computer at home.

XXX. The stamp of 150 proof whisky, the label for hardest hard core porn, and the title of an unimpressive movie series that tried to capitalize on these "edgy" associations.


Agreed on Kitty Pride. Did you know Nightcrawler won't be in #3? I'm crushed!!

Xena: I watched all of those shows, including Cleopatra 2525 and Jack of all Trades. I took one for the team. :)

Xorn! How silly were they? Never got a chance to kill one, unfortunately.

XP: How can you follow Xorn with XP and not have it mean experience points? Nut.

I'm not a nut! I'm just soaking in Windows XP these days!

As for you, your letter is 'R'.

You tricked me.

Through the cunning use of the English language! Muhahahahaha!

Lucy Lawless is also on Battlestar Galactica: do you not watch that?!?

I do not. Yes, yes: I've heard it's wonderful, superb, fab, and so forth. These days, the only first run TV I make a point of watching is Medium; House; Scrubs; Lost; The Simpsons; Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Everything else has fallen away.

Heather, I charge you with the letter 'E'. Enjoy!