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I'm Not Fit To Fill Leiber's Shoes, But It's Nice Of Him To Say

Something I hadn't noticed before. Slushmaster is posting on his LJ userinfo his quick summary/synopsis/description of stories he finds in the slush that are bought. Here's mine:

9. Jon Hansen--"Along the Bridge of Night"--Pulp Fantasy--Forthcoming--Bringing to mind the classic pulps of years past, this stylish piece is fun reading, featuring a sharp wit that would make Fritz Leiber proud.

* * *

131 entries down. 926 to go.


AWESOME!!! You so totally rock. I would be squeeing for weeks... maybe longer!

Well, of course. We know you rock.

Dude, being compared favorably to Leiber ... I'd squee like a banshee.

(Note how I am avoiding the obvious pun. You're welcome.)

I blush and blush.

You're welcome, Jon. And I'll be certain to update the title of your story on my LJ. Congrats on the sale!