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I'm An Uncle!

Behold my nephew Chris, born this past Wednesday in Charlotte, held in the arms of his gobstruck father, my brother Paul. Go congratulate him already!

While it's technically true I already am an uncle (four times already), now I'm an uncle by blood! Doesn't that entitle me to some kind of special consideration? Like, I don't know, maybe he'd have to help my son seek out justice and/or vengeance if I was ever horribly murdered!

No? Hmm. There's something, I know it.

In our own baby news, we got the car seat installations inspected today. Apparently I did it correctly, as the inspector made remarks like, "Good job, Dad!" I owe it all to being able to read the directions. So now we can take the lad home from the hospital with a clear conscience...in 23 days! Duh duh daaah!

Finally, got the contract from Sovereign Media for "In the Lair of the Moon Men." Whee! Now I'll get paid and have money to buy diapers. Lots and lots of diapers.

Ah, such a lovely day.


23 days??? Holy moley, dude! :-D

And as I am recently an Aunt by blood for the first time, I say Huzzah!

Uncle Jon! Uncle JOn!

Wow, fantastic congratulations! :-)

Congratulations to the expanding Hansen clan!

Thank you, one and all!