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I Told You To Wait

Filled in some more backdated entries. 38 down. Uh, 1,020 to go. And clearly I have to get them taken care of before the offspring arrives, because afterwards I will not have the time or the energy.

Which leads me to what else happened while I broke my internet: we started getting baby swag! Some kind, wonderful, fabulous folks heard my pleas for assistance. You guys are wonderful.

But wait!

The folks at my library also threw Lisa and me a baby shower! Lisa got to meet most of my coworkers, and everyone since then has said she was funny and beautiful and just glowing. Which she is. Frankly, she's helped my status at the library quite a bit. My parents got to come, and we got a lot more stuff for the baby. Most amusing gift: an inflatable baby bathtub in the shape of a duck. When you squeeze the bill, it quacks at you. Will amuse the lad and startle the cats. Perfect!

But wait!

We also went to another prenatal education class, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Epidural But Were Afraid To Ask." It was taught by one of the anesthesiologists at our hospital, and we thought it pretty worthwhile in terms of covering what would happen, what the risks are, and what won't happen. For one thing, I learned it's never too early for an epidural. Why, I could have one right now! The anesthesiologist is also the same guy who'll be teaching the "Boot Camp for Dads" class I'll be taking next Saturday. He was pretty funny, so the class should be fun.

But wait!

I've also switched from roast beef sandwiches at lunch to pastrami!

Well, maybe you didn't need to wait for that. Never mind. You're all caught up.

Reading: Read a few things. The Sea Fairies, by L. Frank Baum. Someone Comes To Town, Someone Leaves Town, by Cory Doctorow. The Chronicles of Conan, vol. I: Tower of the Elephant and Other Stories, by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith. Next up: The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle.


You disappear for a few days and come back with all kinds of good news! I can't wait to see Lisa this weekend. You will have to invite us over to see the duck tub because that sounds AWESOME!

Thanks, Chandra. Lisa may also bring it along Saturday!