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It's break time between semesters now, so that means it's time for the University to pack in those sorts of campus-wide events that are difficult to pull off when classes are going on. In this case, it was time to hand out staff awards (we give a lot of awards) and honor people who've hit a five year point in their employment anniversary cycle. In this case, I've actually worked there for five years: started May 7th, 2001. So I made a point of noting it on my calendar and then showing up to be honored.

Of course, in this case being honored meant "would all the five year employees please stand?" and then standing. Only those farther along in the cycle got to walk across the stage, shake the president's hand, and then receive their commemorative 24 karat gold statue of a university employee wielding a sword as they stood atop of a pile of defeated students*. Oh well. I got a Krispie Kreme donut out of it.

* - At least, I think that was what was in the envelopes they all got.


You got shortchanged, sweetie. Maybe inside that envelope was just a squashed donut. I hope so.

BTW, I'm bringing home some donuts tonight :-)

They are silly people not to pay you the respect and honor you deserve. They should have given you a car or something.

You seem to have the best wife evar, though, so I hope that makes up for it. :)

It's times like those that steal office supplies.

Well, I didn't feel that snubbed. I was more amused that they didn't mention that detail in the email.

And I do have the best wife ever!