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Happy Mother's Day!

To all those mothers and mothers-to-be out there, but specifically my mom and Lisa's mom and especially Lisa.

Went to the "Boot Camp for Dads" class yesterday. The doctor running it asked everyone if they'd gotten something for their sweeties for Mother's Day. One guy, a youngish guy with a remarkable Southern accent, said he didn't even know Mother's Day was this weekend.

The doctor smacked him on the arm and said, "After this class is over, you're going down the hall to the gift shop and buying her a card. If you don't, so help me God, you will hear about it every Mother's Day for the rest of your life. Trust me."

More later. For now, I have Motherly Day things to do with my sweetie.


Hey, found this site via Babes in Blogland.. and I have to say, my wonderful and loving husband forgot my first mothers day.... and your teacher is absolutely right. I will NEVER forget that.
Good for you, treating the Mom in your life on her day!

Why, thank you, Mama Beans.

We spent Giggle's first Mother's day getting my thumb reset after I made it touch my wrist bone. While not what I had planned for her, with the two boys we have now it served as a definate sign of things to come.

I actually can touch my thumb to my wrist bone without dislocating it. Well, left hand anyway.