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Good Morning

This morning, while in between making myself my morning cup of tea and getting Lisa's breakfast together, I learned that Abyss & Apex has accepted my flash piece "Goddess." Whoo! It's a sentimental favorite of mine, so I'm happy it'll see print. It's a good way to start the day.

* * *

Have been busy assembling baby gear. Installed the first car seat base in my car earlier this week (still have to set up the other in Lisa's car), and last night I put together the bassinet. Unfortunately, it's got a lower storage part that appears to be of great interest to the cats. Twice Andy hopped into it and attempted to make a nest. Will probably have to take that off. Ah well. The more you know and other public service announcements.


Congrats! You're on a roll, dude -- I think it's the glow of fatherhood. :)

Dude, you've had quite a string of sales these past several weeks. What's your secret? (I mean, aside from writing cool stories that editors like and think readers will like and are willing to pay you for.)

Also, congrats!!!

Thanks, you two. Greg, I can't explain it. It's almost a little unnerving.


Thanks, Lisa!