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Federal Gov't, The Sequel

Amongst recent developments in the Hansen household, we got a second letter from the IRS. It's a sequel of sorts, a response to our response to their politely worded request for a jillion dollars. It could be summed as, "well, we see your point, and while it is an excellent point that's very well-stated with truth on its side, we think you didn't take this other stuff into account." To sum up, they'd like the rough equivalent of a car payment instead. A very nice car.

Once again: we disagree. And once again, we have the paper to prove it. Hopefully this will be the end of it, but you never know.


Good luck. We just finished straightening out our own IRS mess. (This one was our own fault, though.)

There's no stress like IRS stress.

That sucks, man. I hope it gets worked out soon.

Kenny and I got hit with a "Send us six zillion dollars" letter, too! We're only up to the polite "We don't think so" part so far.

Good luck -- you have truth on your side!

Better truth than truthiness, that's for sure.

Sent them the FAX of documentation, so hopefully that'll take care of it. Of course, if they come back requesting the rough equivalent of a happy meal, that I might pay, just so they'll go away.

grrrrrr.... make them go away.

Sorry about all this, Jon. Hopefully it'll get settled soon.

I hope everything turns out well. IRS sucky.

Well, it'll be several weeks before we from them again, of that I have no doubt. They're not speedsters, that's for sure.