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Desserts Aren't Always Right

Tomorrow afternoon, the weekly doctor's appointment, in which we learn what'll be happening in the next couple of weeks. Excitement palpable.

* * *

I saw this a couple weeks ago on BoingBoing and meant to comment on it: Stone Golem for LARPing. I've never LARPed, as the weather in the Southland isn't so conducive to dressing up in chainmail, but I gotta say, that's really cool.

* * *

Today at lunch, the fortune cookie with my sesame chicken said that now was an ideal time for me to take up a new hobby or start collecting something new. Frankly, I'm a bit doubtful.


I think Lisa would really LOVE it if you took up a great new hobby - particularly one that involves noise, sharp objects, and gets you out of the house more. ;-)

What, another one?

Well, there's always fencing.

Is there ever a bad time to take up the atlatl?

Not according to the World Atlatl Association: "The world of sporting atlatls is friendly and inclusive."

I've never met an atlatl-er who wasn't friendly and inclusive, even when spattered with mastodon blood.

Yes - atlatl - that would be perfect. I think you should totally do it. You will then be able to say atlatl all the time and that's just fun for your mouth! (kind of like saying AFLAC only more fun.)

Just wanted to point out that not all LARPs involve armor.