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Baby Got Bling

Lisa had her last shower yesterday, thrown by her sister and her mom. We now have piles and piles of stuff for our child. The thing I find amazing is how much of it we'll probably need (answer: all of it, as far as I can tell). Lisa and I have got wonderful friends and family to help out like this.

I need to take pictures of the nursery. But first we need to find a place to put all the goodies we got.

* * *

There was a request from Shawna at Realms to change the name of the story. It's a bit retropulp, so she was thinking something a little less poetic and little more pulpish than "Along the Bridge of Night." And so the new title is "In the Lair of the Moon Men!" Exclamation point may or may not be included.

* * *

360 old entries in, 699 to go. Oy. Also, MT has an odd quirk that I've noticed. On occasion the browser will say at the bottom that it's waiting for the site to respond, the little wheel in the upper corner will spin, and if I don't immediately scroll to the bottom and hit the 'Save' button, it'll reset the entry to the last saved point. I haven't looked to see if this is something with 3.2 or GoDaddy. It's rather annoying, but only because I'm doing so much cut/paste right now.


"In the Lair of the Moon Men!" is a hawesome title.

I love the new title! Where do I buy the novel?

Thanks, you two. The novel is currently on sale in late 1929. September, I think.

Anything with "lair" in it is bound to be (h)awesome.

Kick-ass title, dude -- Can't wait to read the story!

(And did you forget to post this entry in LJ, or did I just miss it?)

Thank you, thank you.

(checks LJ)

No, it's there. I'm afraid you just overlooked it, Jenn.

Jon! I just caught up on your journal and wow, so many varied types of good news! Congratulations on all of it. The moon men title is intriguing.

About your earlier posts: it's handy to have some basic baby stuff, like a good car seat and crib and clothing. But remember: people have been breeding these puppies out in the wild for millenia, and somehow the human race has flourished. When I was pregnant and nervous about all the gear people kept telling me I was "supposed" to have, I called a friend's mom and she said "Hell, we just opened up a bureau drawer and let the baby sleep in there." Which put all the consumerism in some perspective. Nothing you buy is going to prepare you for the change to your life, so just stock up on the basics and roll with it. You'll figure things out as you go.

Hi, Karen! Have I mentioned how happy I am you've started posting again? No? Consider it said.

Actually, I think we're doing all right in terms of not picking up too much unnecessary stuff. I'm just surprised how much you do need. For example, nasal aspirators. Gah. Having said that, I'm pretty sure we'll avoid this fate.

Actually, yes you will need everything, but if it was anything like my baby shower, you will still have two unopened bottles of baby shampoo left when your baby is a year old. :D