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Foiled Twice

So I went shooting this afternoon, as I didn't go Saturday due to the weather. Not because it was raining; you're supposed to be able to shoot in the rain. No, it was because the tornado sirens sounded at 4am that morning. Took a while to go back to sleep after that, and as a result, I woke up at 10 am, which is about the time practice starts. So I muttered "never mind," and drifted back off to sleep.

Ironically, when lunchtime came round, Lisa had a sudden and inexplicable craving for Long John Silver's chicken planks (arr!), a meal we haven't had in at least five years. But she hasn't had many inexplicable cravings, so I offered to go pick some up for lunch. What the hell, eh?

Well, when I arrived at the local LJS, I discovered that the tornado the sirens had been warning us about had struck right there! Traffic lights out, helicopters circling overhead, buildings destroyed or damaged! The LJS was closed, and no wonder. Among other things, their drive-thru talk box was propped up against the side of the building, having been uprooted during the storm. So, never mind. Her inexplicable craving was foiled, and I was forced to return with the poor subsitute of KFC.

As for shooting today, it went fine. As an experiment I decided to see what kind of settings I needed on my sight to hit the various distances. In the process, I confirmed once and for all I can't hit the 70m target. Consistently, that is. If I set the sight as low as it will go and then aim it at a spot a couple feet above and to the right of the target, when I release, two things will happen:

a) I'll hit the target about 50% of the time, and
b) the sight will fall off 100% of the time.
As this won't be very efficient for competition, I'm definitely ruling that out until I upgrade. Nice to resolve the issue once and for all, however.