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Came home to find my contributor's copy of Illumen, as well as payment for my poem "Universal Language," which, if you'll recall if you're me or if you've got my journal memorized and I sincerely hope to God no one does because that would make me sad, sold to Aboriginal SF oh so long ago, only for them to be bought by DNA Publishing, which, after Aboriginal went under after their editor passed away, held it and held it and held it, never responding to emails or letters or telepathic beams of pure id before I eventually gave up and sent them a final letter telling them I was pulling the poem and sold it to Illumen and now it's out in the world. Finally.

Get all that? No? Can't blame you; I'm practicing long breathless paragraphs for my own amusement. But read it again if you like, and just know that I'm happy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must log off. Storms a'comin'. Storms are good for my lawn since I fertilized it this morning and it needs to be watered, but storms are bad for my computer. Very bad.