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April 28, 2006

Pray For Mojo

All right, chitlins. Going to start the Big Switcheroo. This site will likely fluctuate in and out of the Prime Material Plane for a little while, but hopefully all will be well. Think kind thoughts, willya?

April 24, 2006

Assistance, Please

Can anyone out there recommend a good ISP webhost that doesn't charge too much, will support a Movable Type blog, and has decent customer service that doesn't appear to be a fifteen-year-old who thinks that, if he doesn't answer my emails about why I was overcharged, I'll just go away?

Any recommendations?

April 21, 2006

All About The Ink

An interesting idea for those of you who write by hand: how to plug a Mont Blanc refill cartridge into an ordinary pen. For those of you who don't know, Mont Blancs are rather pricey. And for good reason. I recently heard from somebody somewhere at sometime that Mont Blanc gets its ink from superintelligent octopi from Neptune who have figured out how to infuse it with Neptunian octo-nanotechnology so the pen actually writes by itself! All you do is tell it your story idea, and it'll take it from there. Now, an ordinary pen doesn't have a control system for the nanotech, so doing it this way won't be quite as good. But it's still really good ink.

Currently Reading: The Ghost Brigades, by John Scalzi.

April 20, 2006

Baby Needs, Well, A Lot

So a question I've been getting a lot lately (aside from "when's the baby due again?" and "hey, how do I print?") is where Lisa and I have registered. The answer: Baby's 'R' Us. We're too snobby (yes, I said it) to register at Wal-Mart, and Target has a really draconian return policy, so that's it. This pretty graphic will send you directly to the registry:

To be fair, it doesn't really capture how I feel. This is closer:

Or alternately:

But this is what's really in my heart:

I am such a geek. Our child is doomed.

April 18, 2006

By Crom!

Got a 31 day rejection from Fantasy Magazine yesterday, which I'd forgotten to mention. Bad blogger. No biscuit. And now to bed.

Recent Reading: Broken Angels, by Richard K. Morgan. Also a couple collections of Marvel's mid-70's adaptation of Conan the Barbarian, currently republished by Dark Horse.

April 17, 2006

Still Moving

Another weekend complete, another two days closer to the Big Day. On the plus side, went to the parental units on Saturday, where we had dinner with them and my brother and his wife. Calzones at DePalma's, mmm. My mom also made curtains for the nursery, which we got hung in place. Now our boy can sleep guarded from intrusive Old Mister Sun, who pays no attention to restraining orders. Also had Sunday breakfast with Lisa's folks and her sister, which was lovely.

On the negative side, I slipped on the stairs Saturday morning and kicked the rail with my bare foot, which left a hella bruise. Even now I'm still all gimpy. But all the piggies wiggle when I tell them to without hurting too terribly much, so it's probably not broke.

So, how was your weekend?

April 13, 2006

Packed Tight With Serverly Knowledge

I'm free! My class has now ended, leaving my brains packed tight with serverly knowledge. By an interesting coincidence, ten minutes after I got back to my office, one of my coworkers knocked on my door to tell me that <Windows Network geekery>Procite no longer worked on his machine, as for some reason it had dropped the drive mapping to the appropriate folder up on the server<⁄Windows Network geekery>. Granted, I already knew how to fix it, having picked it up by working in this kind of environment for several years. But now I know, uh, the whys behind the fix, rather just the "how to."

As you can see, my bosses have clearly gotten their money's worth.

Incidentally, thank you all for your support. My brain couldn't have gotten by without you.

April 12, 2006

And Welcome To Day Three

Still here. But that's all right. We're each maintaining our own server, testing things out, imposing policies and restrictions on our users. Which means I've had to make some users. At the moment, I'm using you guys. So if you feel a little restricted from time to time today, that's just Windows Server 2003 Voodoo in action.

April 10, 2006


I am sitting in a class for Windows 2003 Server for work.

We're on lunch break now, but this goes from 9am to 3pm, today through Thursday.

Help me.

April 09, 2006

Foiled Twice

So I went shooting this afternoon, as I didn't go Saturday due to the weather. Not because it was raining; you're supposed to be able to shoot in the rain. No, it was because the tornado sirens sounded at 4am that morning. Took a while to go back to sleep after that, and as a result, I woke up at 10 am, which is about the time practice starts. So I muttered "never mind," and drifted back off to sleep.

Ironically, when lunchtime came round, Lisa had a sudden and inexplicable craving for Long John Silver's chicken planks (arr!), a meal we haven't had in at least five years. But she hasn't had many inexplicable cravings, so I offered to go pick some up for lunch. What the hell, eh?

Well, when I arrived at the local LJS, I discovered that the tornado the sirens had been warning us about had struck right there! Traffic lights out, helicopters circling overhead, buildings destroyed or damaged! The LJS was closed, and no wonder. Among other things, their drive-thru talk box was propped up against the side of the building, having been uprooted during the storm. So, never mind. Her inexplicable craving was foiled, and I was forced to return with the poor subsitute of KFC.

As for shooting today, it went fine. As an experiment I decided to see what kind of settings I needed on my sight to hit the various distances. In the process, I confirmed once and for all I can't hit the 70m target. Consistently, that is. If I set the sight as low as it will go and then aim it at a spot a couple feet above and to the right of the target, when I release, two things will happen:

a) I'll hit the target about 50% of the time, and
b) the sight will fall off 100% of the time.
As this won't be very efficient for competition, I'm definitely ruling that out until I upgrade. Nice to resolve the issue once and for all, however.

April 07, 2006


Came home to find my contributor's copy of Illumen, as well as payment for my poem "Universal Language," which, if you'll recall if you're me or if you've got my journal memorized and I sincerely hope to God no one does because that would make me sad, sold to Aboriginal SF oh so long ago, only for them to be bought by DNA Publishing, which, after Aboriginal went under after their editor passed away, held it and held it and held it, never responding to emails or letters or telepathic beams of pure id before I eventually gave up and sent them a final letter telling them I was pulling the poem and sold it to Illumen and now it's out in the world. Finally.

Get all that? No? Can't blame you; I'm practicing long breathless paragraphs for my own amusement. But read it again if you like, and just know that I'm happy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must log off. Storms a'comin'. Storms are good for my lawn since I fertilized it this morning and it needs to be watered, but storms are bad for my computer. Very bad.


The Birthday Game: name three events, two births, one death that happened on my birthday.


1817 - Mississippi becomes a state.

1864 - Sherman's March to the Sea reaches Savannah, Georgia. The mayor wisely gives him the key to the city, and so Sherman spares it from being burned to the ground.

1898 - The Treaty of Paris of 1898 is signed, bringing an end to the Spanish-American War.


1830 - Emily Dickinson, American poet.

1856 - Melvil Dewey, American librarian.


1896 - Alfred Bernhard Nobel, inventor of dynamite & creator of the Nobel Prize.

It seems the 19th century was very big for my birthday.

April 06, 2006

The Update You've All Been Waiting For

Lawn: cut.

Hair: not so much.

Please, everyone. Remain calm.

Reading: Robert E. Howard's The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane. A lesser light in his action-packed pantheon, but still fun.

April 05, 2006

Plan For Death

Yesterday was a bit busy, which is why I didn't post yesterday. First thing in the morning I went to a seminar on setting up a will and other peripheral documents: living will, power of attorney for healthcare, power of attorney for finances. Whee.

I did learn it would be useful for any long-lost rich relatives to die and leave me everything in 2010, as there won't be any estate tax that year. I mentioned this to Lisa, and she thinks we ought to watch the news for sudden demises by various billionaires.

In the evening Lisa and I went on a tour of a local pediatrician practice. Nice place, seems well-organized, they promise same-day sick visits (a big practice, so lots of doctors on hand), and it's pretty close by the house, which would be useful. So I'm sure we'll go with them. One more thing off the list. 68 days to go.

* * *

Behold the robotic wrestling skills of OmniZero.2! Why am I not surprised the Japanese are into this?

April 02, 2006

All About Planning

80 day rejection from Asimov's yesterday.

Have no real opinion about the timechange, since about six months ago I started waking up early all the time, even on the weekend. Possibly this is an attempt by my body to prepare me for parenthood, making sure that by the time the lad is awake and planning mischief, I'm already up and changing the tapes in the security cameras.

I and my lawn both need a cut. My lawn also needs fertilizer. However, my hair does not. Fortunately.