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Oh, I'm quite delighted. Yes, it's all here. The bow in question is a KAP Evolution II, of Korean manufacture. Archery, as it turns out, is a national sport in South Korea, and they pretty much kick everyone else's ass at the Olympics. This is not to say that this particular model is of Olympic quality; it's a good starter bow that I could upgrade later, if I want to.

Three pics for your amusement:

1) The bow, neatly packed away in the carrying case. Holds twelve arrows, a stabilizer, the riser (the center part of the bow with the grip), the limbs (the curved ends), the sight, and the clicker (tells you when you've reached full extension on your draw).

2) The quiver, along with the rest of the stuff: the bow sling, the tab (shooting hand guard), two strings, the bow stringer, string wax, and a small collection of allen wrenches.

3) Me, all rigged out! Why, I actually look like I know how to shoot that thing. There's still some question.

Things I have learned so far: when attempting to string the bow, do it in a room where you can close the door. Otherwise the cats will try and "help."

* * *

22 day say nothing rejection from Analog. Unsurprising, but still.