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Stupid Pixies

Eye doc visit went fine; appears to be a combination of allergies (I'm getting older, hooray!) and something irritating the eye, resulting in swelling and, erm, blockage. Could have been my hand rubbing it while I was asleep. Could've been invisible pixies, jabbing it with tiny rapiers. Who can say?

Stupid pixies.

At any rate, I now have two sets of drops for my eyes. One for the allergies, the other steroid drops for the irritated eye. I asked if that would make my left eye over-muscled and prone to watching violence, but he didn't seem to think that too likely.

Incidentally, I noticed the ophthalamalperceptoscope he was using, a giant floor set model with a variety of viewers, had what looked like a power dial next to it. It went all the way up to 10, and then could be turned past that to Overload. I thought the only devices that would do that are phasers from Star Trek. Why would this be useful for an eye doctor?