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So, It's Tuesday

My sister-in-law Joy sent me a link to a blog she set up for her pregnancy: Baby Hansen 2006. Her due date is just a couple days after Lisa. Yes, it'll soon be all baby, all the time. But don't think I'm going to baby you guys. No, I plan on babying right on baby other baby in my baby, like a baby baby baby baby. Baby baby?

* * *

I return home to discover goose shit on my driveway. Never mind the Sinister Ducks, what about the sinister geese?

It's a coverup, I tells you.

* * *

In writerly news, received my copy of the new issue of Tales of the Talisman, containing my poem "Weird Android." That's the cover there, and I'm showing it because I'm fascinated. Behold, a closeup of giant squids working in space, fiddling with asteroids. Perfect. It's a clear nod to Vonda N. McIntyre's site, Talking Squids in Outer Space: The Pinnacle of SF. And isn't that something we can all agree on?