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Fear My Mad Twanging Skillz

28 day rejection from Fantasy Magazine.

It was a glorious day today, and I had the day off (because I must work tomorrow, boo), so I did what any redblooded American would do: I went to the archery range and shot arrows in the Great Outdoors. Had a blast. It's in a relatively remote part of the county, with a whole lot of nothing nearby, so there was no chance of, er, accidents. Okay, there were a lot of trees. And possibly some squirrels, but I'm just guessing. Clearly they were keeping out of sight of the guy with a bow.

The range actually has three sections: a regular range with targets set up at distances increasing ten meters up to seventy (which is way out there, let me tell you); a broadhead range, out in the woods with a hunting stand and a number of 3-D faux animals set up; and a trail with about fifteen targets set up along the way. You stop every so often and shoot at a target an unstated distance away (and hope you don't overshoot, 'cuz you'll never see your arrow again).

At any rate, I took some shots at the 15 and 20 meters parts of the range, then moved over to the longer distances. And, after I adjusted my sight, I'm pleased to report I could hit the gold at 40 meters and the target at 50 meters. Whee! Fear my wrath, immobile objects!

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