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Drool Is The New 'Alas'

Thanks to all who sent good thoughts regarding the IRS thing. I'm currently awaiting a phone call from our local office about setting up an appointment. My prediction: they'll call this morning sometime between 11 and 11:45, because that's when a) I'll be out of my office, and b) I won't have my cell phone on. I'll be doing an instruction session and it's hard to convince the kids to turn off their phones if mine goes off. Can't really recover from that.

Just learned this, as I don't play in the Night Shade forums: Gordon Van Gelder, F&SF editor, has just become a father! I look forward to seeing additional "comments" from Zoe at the bottom of future rejections.

In my own baby news, I've signed up for a class at the hospital called "Boot Camp for Dads," all about the care and feeding of little ones for new fathers. I guess the title, "How to keep the baby alive until the mother gets home" was already taken.