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Coming To A Lifestyle Near You

Got a 50 day rejection from Talebones yesterday. Boo, hiss, etc.

I swear, just this barely rates as an update. How 'bout this?

Lisa and I took the day off from work, went to breakfast, then IKEA, then back home. I assembled most of our purchases (baby furniture, unsurprisingly) while Lisa drank an orange drink for a glucose test that, I swear to God, must have been made out of pure nectar. She was practically vibrating on the way over to the doc. Drew blood, general checkup, then out. Went out to dinner, then back home. We've watched a couple episodes of Newsradio Season 3, and we may watch some more. No, it's true! You can't stop the crazy trainride that is...A Day Off!*

* - Well, maybe you could.