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The Mind Boggles

Have you heard about that group that wants evangelicals to move to South Carolina, take over the government (lawfully, mind you) and set up some sort of Christian theocracy?

Well, here's a story about the Libertarian equivalent in Texas, albeit on the county level rather than the whole state. Money quote:

The goal, said an e-mail message attributed to a group member, was to move in enough Libertarians "to control the local government and remove oppressive regulations (such as planning and zoning, and building code requirements) and stop enforcement of laws prohibiting victimless acts among consenting adults such as dueling, gambling, incest, price-gouging, cannibalism and drug handling."
Cannibalism? I can't help but feel these guys must throw some really interesting parties.

Reading: Thieves of Baghdad, by Matthew Bogdanos (with William Patrick). Nonfiction about the looting of the Iraq National Museum during the fall of Baghdad and the Marine colonel/NY District Attorney who led the charge in recovering the artifacts (seems they still haven't found them all). An interesting read.