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More Things I Now Know

The term "shipping" as applied to fan fiction. In a related note, that there's a fanfiction convention in Atlanta this summer. Go figure.

That Andy's stomach is apparently quite intolerant of Science Diet® Indoor Cat food. And that Oxiclean continues to be the best way to clean up vomit stains in carpet. I look forward to using this knowledge starting in June, by the way.

That Cute Overload continues to be a lovely way to perk myself up. Running a close second, Stuff on my Cat.

That there is a theme song for Glaucoma. Yes, the disease. No, really. It's like something out of Monty Python, a resemblance only increased by the Gilliamesque heads shuffling around top left of the AIG website.

That my parents think my journal entries have an awful lot of links in them. Uh, sorry, guys.

Recently Read: Flashman on the March, by George MacDonald Fraser.