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Left Eye Lugubrious

I have an appointment to see an ophthalmologist tomorrow. Nothing wrong with my vision; no, my problem is that my left eye is apparently very depressed, as it keeps crying. Every so often, for no apparent reason it will suddenly burst into tears, as though it had been watching Sophie's Choice, or a shamelessly manipulative Kodak commercial. This has been going on for about a week and my right eye is sick of it. "Dude," it says, rolling itself as only an eye can. "Just stop it! You are totally embarrassing me!"

More later.

* * *

I've not spoken of my bow for a while, as there is nothing to report. No class last Saturday (state competition, all the coaches off shooting) and no class next Saturday (national competition, all the coaches off shooting).


Fortunately, all this time spent submitting stories and waiting for editors to get back to me has prepared me well. Dammit.

* * *

Have received the proofs for my part of Twenty Epics, and will be looking them over tonight. Hmm. Perhaps that's why my eye is depressed.