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Is That A Train?

Five day pass from Baen's Universe, but they did say I was on the right track.

Still no word on the bow. And in other Saturday backstory, the circus was fun, although I'm not particularly inclined to run away and join it. Just as well. The animals were beautiful and sad, the acrobats & daredevils astounding, the clowns amusing, and the ringmaster, in an attempt to prove his worth, sang. A lot. I question this development. We left a little before the end, because a pregnant lady can only handle so much sitting in a less than completely comfortable chair. We walked out through the CNN center, as it was both cold & windy outside. Kept my eyes peeled for Judy Fortin or some other talking head, but no luck.

Look! Synchronized babies!

Reading: Just completed Doug Lain's collection Last Week's Apocalypse. Doug's got some freaky stuff there; well worth the read, thinks I. Then it was Alan Moore's America's Best Comics antho, and now reading Who P-P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit, by Gary K. Wolf, a sequel to both the original book and the movie, at the same time, despite the obvious differences between the two.