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Curse You, Divinyls

A 9 day rejection from Flesh & Blood. So noted.

This story amused me no end. Best line for me: "libraries are not the hotbed of looking at porn sites." So true. We've got no more than a half-dozen, er, repeat viewers or so, which doesn't make much of a hotbed. They tend to choose the machines in the back facing the reference desk so they can see our approach.

Of course, you can still sneak up on them by threading through reference and taking a sharp left at the New York Times index. Then they've got all of one second before I can see what's on their screen. And when I do, it's truly amazing how many people are staring intently at the library home page. Fascinating, it must be.

(Truly, we don't care if people look at porn, as long as it's not kiddie porn. Oh, and that you're not, y'know, touching yourself in that special way. Ew.)