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Sacre Bleu!

As I have complained before, I am told from time to time I resemble Ed Norton (not so bad) and the always annoying Tom Green. I never got the Green reference, but I came across the MyHeritage website, which has free facial recognition software. It's intended to see what people of yesteryear you might resemble, but that's not working at the moment. So instead, they're checking resemblance to celebrities.

Plugging in the picture off my writing stats page (and then manually setting the comparison, because the automatic version clips off my chin), I find that I do match Ed Norton at 53%. But better matches, according to it, are Haile Selassie, former Emperor of Ethiopia, at 57%, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Austrian novelist, at 58%, and at the top of the charts, Francois Mitterand at 67%!

Happily, Tom Green doesn't even show up. This pleases me no end.