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There is the possibility I may get my bow tomorrow. Possibly not. One of the coaches did the ordering, so he's the one who'll get it. And if he does, I'll get it Saturday morning at practice. Makes every Friday feel like Christmas Eve.

(Just doing what I can to keep suspense up).

* * *

I've been reading some of the Oz sequels, as research. Ozma of Oz. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. The Road to Oz. And there's still quite a few more after that (and then there's the sequels, some considered official, some not, and some rather unusual; not touching those). Fortunately you can get 'em through Project Gutenberg, if you don't mind reading online. Which I don't.

At the moment I'm 2,000 words in. We shall see.

* * *

Lisa and I were talking last night, and she suggested we name the boy Mortimer Alvarez. I like it in principle. Mortimer is a distant family name, I think, and well, who doesn't like Alvarez? But I think Horatio Mortimer would work better. That way his initials would be HMH, nice and symmetrical. What's not to like?

Whoops. Someone at my office door. Just a sec.

Oh, look. It's my son, traveled back in time from the year 2028. And judging from the baseball bat in his hand, he's here to kick my ass.