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Live, Learn

Went grocery shopping yesterday and, among other things, bought a six pack of those little sawed-off Half-A-Cokes (you've seen them; I think they were originally designed to be given away at Halloween). Grabbed one this morning, intending to drink it on the way to work. Got in the car, dropped the can into the drink holder, and it promptly sank. All the way to the bottom. I had to grip the rim with my fingernails to get it back out.

Writing news, not much. Since the postage hike has gone into effect, everything's SASEd with the new rate and sent back out there. Need to finish something to join the others. At the moment the story on the brain has the title of "Warlord of Oz."

Little else to report. The bedroom painting turned out fine, and four days later, we still like the color. So furniture shopping this weekend. What fun. The last time we went, we went into Babys-R-Us. Felt like I was going to pass out after about fifteen minutes. Perhaps a smaller store this time, something less panic-inducing.