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It's A...

Lisa called me this afternoon as I was coming back from lunch (meat loaf sandwich, mmm), all excited. The doctor had called to report the results of the amnio.

Totally normal. No extra chromosomes, no indicators of Very Bad Things, or anything else sketchy or wrong. Hooray! Our baby is healthy! This is a considerable weight off our minds, which is good.

Now we can start worrying about other things, like the fact that we are, in fact, going to be totally responsible for the upbringing of another human being.

For those of you curious about the gender, click below!

A boy! A son! A lad, chap, fellow, cub, pup, little shaver, mister, jongen, garçon, Junge, ragazzo, menino, muchacho, αγόρι, 男孩, мальчик, 男の子, 소년, bubo, poq, loj!

What? Can't you tell from the picture? Don't worry, neither could I. A hint: see that whitish line near his crotch? That's his leg.