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Doesn't Holiday Mean Day Off?

Ah, holiday. And how am I spending my day off from work? Why, working for myself, i.e., painting the Future Expansion Room, aka The Nursery. We looked at lots and lots and lots of paint chips...and in the end went with a shade of blue. Sigh. Lisa has pointed out that we've got three other rooms in the place painted some variation of blue. We like blue. We like this color (Bounty, an Eddie Bauer color from Lowe's). So it's traditional, so what?

Honestly, I don't know, but it still bothers me a little. I blame Suburbia And All Its Works, with Society as an Accessory After The Fact.

At any rate, when the offspring reaches the teenaged years, he'll probably want to repaint in Safety Orange or Basic Black. So we'll just enjoy it while we can.