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Sixteen Weeks And Two Days In

This'll do for a resolution, I think. After all, how often are these things kept?

In the year 2006 I resolve to:
Learn to eat fire.

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For those of you idly (or actively) wondering about how our impending parenthood progresses, I provide details below. But beware: there's a certain amount of squick factor. Just sayin'.

We went through amniocentesis yesterday. Or, to be more accurate, Lisa went through it while I watched, cringing inside. Watching the needle go in didn't unnerve me nearly as much as when they started taking out the fluid; just so much of it. She's so brave. And after it was over, we came home and she went to bed. She's feeling much better today, I'm happy to say.

The results will come back in a couple weeks, so I'm not going to announce any particulars until then. The ultrasound tech told us what sex she thought the sprout was, but that's really a guess. Jeff, Lisa's uncle, had thought his second child was going to be a boy up until the seventh month. Then, as he put it, "the stem fell off the apple." The amnio results are 100% definite, however. So nothing will be said until then.