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Of All The Iron Gall

A coworker of mine gave me a bottle of ink. She's pretty crafty; that is to say, she made the ink herself the way people used to, before the fountain pen came along.

It seems you can make ink from all sorts of things: tree bark and nuts, mostly, but also slightly more exotic ingredients, such as pomegranate rinds or hemlock. She made this stuff from black walnuts (she's got a tree in her backyard, I think), basically cooking them for a couple days until all that remained was inky goo. Strain out the goo, and voila! Stuff that would please any medieval scribe. And despite the name, the ink itself isn't actually black; it's a very pretty golden brown. You can get an idea of the color from the tag in the picture.

Now I need are some quills, and I can start producing my manuscripts the old fashioned way! Because this here Intarweb's just a fad, right?