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Tuesday was my second trip to the Aquarium, this time with my fellow library creatures. I did manage to bring my camera, but I was fairly disappointed with how most of the pictures turned out. This shot is one of the few that I was reasonably pleased with, at least pleased enough to show here. Every large fish (that ate things like plankton, as opposed to smaller fish) in the big tank had a small army of these little yellow guys swimming along with them, a regular piscine posse. I think they're called Hangers-on fish.

Got a 26 day rejection from ASIM earlier this week, which I failed to report, due to general slackery.

I've turned off TrackBack, which means nothing to you. But it does mean I'm not farming spam any more. Which is a good thing, as far as I'm concerned, therefore you approve. Hm. I think that logic holds up.

Discovered that our Festivus card list has gone missing, which means we must recreate it from scratch. Which means, if you don't get a card this year, it means I'm a forgetful doofus, not that I don't love you any more.

I am woefully behind in my movie viewing, as I am yet to see Harry Potter or Lion, Witch, Wardrobe. Hopefully my Geek badge won't be rescended.

More archery tomorrow, and a chance to test my protective finery under actual conditions. There's a good chance there won't be class for the next couple weeks, as next Saturday is Christmas Eve, and after that it's New Year's Eve. Blasted holidays, intruding on my ability to shoot pointy sticks at things.

And finally, because it's that time of year.