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I Owe It All To My Brain

It's still relatively early months, so I must admit that sometimes I forget about my impending fatherhood. Amazingly I can go several hours without thinking about it, before something snaps me back to reality.

My brain: You need to remember to write down the model number of the exercise bike so you can put up the ad for it.
Me, sans brain: Right, right...why are we getting rid of the exercise bike again?
My brain: Because it's taking up the space for the crib.
Me, sans brain: Oh that's right, Lisa's pregnant!
My brain: I swear, how do you keep from falling over when you walk?

It's a miracle to be sure. But the uncertainties of pregnancy appear to be relatively easy, compared to the uncertainties of parenting. After all, I have crap like this to look forward to. Parenting books. Is there any greater evil?