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And Now For The Annual Assessment

And so ends 2005. Let's see, how's it tally up?

  • Wrote many words. Sold some of them. Got rejected for the most of the rest.
  • Fathered a child
  • Took up a sport, my first ever
  • Upgraded this journal from handcrafted HTML to an automated MT system. Always sad when another craftsman gives up, but by God this certainly is a lot easier.
  • Served as best man in my brother's wedding in the City of Angels, which means I also gained a whole new crop of relatives
  • Met Jane Yolen
  • Visited Powell's Books in Portland, in what proved to be a vaguely religious experience
  • Bought and read many many books
  • Petted the cats many many times
And that's just what I did. My Lisa did many of these things, as well as got a new job and a new car. Add in the fact that she's actually growing another human being inside her, and I look like a lazy git by comparison.

Happy New Year!