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Lessons Learned

Committed more acts of archery this morning, this time with the regular class. Learned many things. Including:

  • If you don't bring your own equipment and don't get there early enough, someone else will snag your bow, and you'll have to start all over again on getting the sight adjusted.
  • An arrow that doesn't hit the target but instead, say, the backboard, has a distinct chance of ricocheting.
  • An arrow that ricochets will bounce back towards the line, often traveling about eighteen yards or so.
  • If your first arrow ricochets back to you, don't use objectionable language, as someone's mom will materialize and scold you.
  • You adjust the sight by chasing the arrow. For example, if you shoot low, you move the sight lower. This forces you bring the bow up, and so your shot moves up.

  • As you get used to using the bow, your extension improves and you can bring the string back farther. As that happens, there's a good chance you'll need longer arrows.
  • If your arrows aren't long enough, there is a distinct possibility it will slip off the rest and you'll shoot yourself in the hand. No, this did not happen to me, nor anyone else.
  • As you bring the string back farther, it also passes much closer to your chest.
  • A nipple grazed by a released bowstring will hurt. A lot. Consider investing in a chest protector, or wear a much thicker shirt. Also, don't use objectionable language.
  • Some of the kids who have been doing this for much longer will have very impressive, very expensive equipment, and will be excellent shots.
  • You've heard of stage moms? There are such things as archery dads. Be polite, but don't make eye contact.

Amazing what you'll pick up in an hour.