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Escape From Gryffindor

Young lady just came into the library dressed up in full Harry Potter regalia. It's an impressive outfit. She's got the robe/cloak the kids wear in the movies, along with a matching black-and-gold scarf. Of course, under the cloak she's wearing a fairly short skirt, kind of a modified naughty Catholic schoolgirl look. Never saw that in the movies, not even with Alfonso CuarĂ³n at the helm.

From where I sit, she appears to be doing a Mapquest search, followed by some Facebook networking. Perhaps organizing the forces of "Harry Potter Makes You Hotter" or whoever to convene for a midnight screening.

Clearly it's a quiet night here in the library, if I'm forced to describe library patrons for your entertainment.

There's little else to report. I've managed to get some manuscripts back out the door, instead of just lying around the couch and eating popcorn. Haven't written anything to speak of, but I'm hoping that'll change soon. And how are you?