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Better today. At least, I'm well enough to go to work, a bit of a mixed blessing. So in lieu of an actual post, some amusing scientific type links:

* Secret Worlds, The Universe Within: Or, from 10+23 meters to 10-16 meters. Fascinating, but where are the Micronauts?

* "The Physics of Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations," by Michio Kaku, author of Hyperspace: Short, but interesting.

* Future Maps of the World, 1998-2012, from futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion. Call me crazy, but is that actually R'lyeh on the world map, just to the west of South America?

* Celestia, a free outer space simulation program. Runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Very cool, especially when you move outside the Milky Way and then tell it to return to, Earth, say.